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Battle of Homo-Sapiens

It waslike any other day.I'm at my desk with eyes transfixed on revising Environment Current Affairs. All of a sudden, there was a sudden tapping sound from one of the corners of the desk. I was startled and looked at the corner. An unmistakably arrogant creature with protruding eyeballs is staring at me. It is ready to pounce and take me on a one-to-one battle. Moving its tile briskly, it started tapping again with those brazen looks.

All this without an iota of fear neither in its eyes nor in its body language(yeah u have realized its a lizard). It took my silence as my weakness and started coming towards me. Somehow I got my senses back, yelling at the top of my voice, I tried holding my ground and fight. But, this particular lizard was super brave and weird. Its body language is so intimidating that I left the room banging the door hard. Got help from my mom, Somehow she managed to get rid of it. It left the house via a window. Peace!

After a while,mind sarcastically whispered it wasnot a lizard, it was a house gecko(the cousin of Tokyo gecko which was included in UNEP's "Not all animals migrate by choice") I smiled & continued my day as per plan.

When I retired onto my bed, late in the night, a thought struck me.

Why is this gecko acted so weird? I've never seen stuff like this. It was ready to take on me!

Here I am, a fully grown Homo-Sapien weighing more than a hundred times of its weight. Yet, it chose to fight. It chose to fight for its ground. It never lowered the guard. Yeah, finally it won over me? Isn't it? It made me leave the room after all. Though this particular gecko is nasty, it is a brave soul hands-down! What if the Gecko wants revenge? With these thoughts hovering all around, I slept. *Time never stops *

Okay! Enough! What is that I'm trying to convey? ?

Well, I have a habit of round-tripping,To arrive to the point.

Often we look at the world around us from our telescopic vision. We form opinions, assumptions and ultimately magnify the fear around us. In a way, we build a β€œSTATUE OF FEAR”.

Battle with Gecko taught me two things-

  1. Fear is the figment of our imagination'. Most often in our lives, fear of losing stops us from trying in the first place. Fear of missing out the prelims makes us nervous. Fear that we haven't read enough, makes us tense. Fear that we might not perform well on D-day drives us crazy. This is insane. A figment of our imagination is putting a ton of weight on the back of mind and dragging us back.
  2. The objectification of Fear makes us lose precious time. We worry about the consequences and we hardly realise the value of the investment(time). Let us not waste our time in worrying about an imaginary entity that our little brain creates.

What my final Anna says,

Trust the process, it helps in overcoming the imaginary entity 'fear'.

As everyone says,"UPSC is not a Preparation,it is a journey where one needs to have faith in oneself and the process ".

Have faith, Because it ignites hope. Without hope, we cannot rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Ps: Gecko came to my life to make me realize howFaith and Fear are same but indifferent,where u needthat H word HOPE to Realise and Internalize the Realisation.

I wasGeckoified 

Until next time, duaon me yaad rakhna?

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Good Patrick.

Happy preparation everyone.

Well said fella! :)
All the best :) 
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Good write Up Sir ji !!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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Hope is a good thing. :blush:


Great write up man! 

i remember kobe said..its easy to get into the spiral thinking of countless scenarios which might not even happen..feeling fearful..and ultimately telling yourself ooh i should not be fearful or nervous. He said..instead be still..realise that i am fearful, i am nervous..but these are just tides..they ebb and flow. And just like you said..kobe said..if you break it down..fear is just a figment of your imagination! Stay connected to the moment..the process.

Loved it. You should write more. 
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