Prelims Rapid Revision Classes for IAS 2023 | Course starts 9th January 2023 - ForumIAS

Prelims Rapid Revision Classes for IAS 2023 | Course starts 9th January 2023

Prelims Rapid Revision Classes for IAS 2023

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Are you feeling the pressure of the impending CSE Prelims 2023? We at ForumIAS understand the challenges that come with this crucial stage of the exam, from the open-ended syllabus to the need for a balance between static and current affairs knowledge. That's why we've developed the innovative Prelims Rapid Revision Classes, a program specifically tailored to help you overcome these hurdles and succeed in the exam.

Our classes are based on the pillars of Content, Analysis, and Practice, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive and thorough education. We cover the full range of the Prelims syllabus, from basic to advanced concepts, and teach you how to apply your knowledge and problem-solving skills to the multiple choice questions of the Prelims exam. With the past 6 years of UPSC CSE prelims question papers, including 2022, as a guide, we've tailored our curriculum and teaching methods to give you a competitive edge.

To win the battle of IAS 2023 we are coming up withcrash course  Prelims Rapid Revision classes 2023 from 9th January 2023.

The classes will be held in  Live mode only from 8 PM to 10 PM.

In  50+ classes  we will make you capable enough to understand the right way to crack Prelims in just one go.

To know more about the program, please visit the below link:


Don't let the difficulty of the prelims stage hold you back. Join our Preparatory Classes and increase your chances of success. You, too, can follow in the footsteps of our own students -  Minal,  Kajal, and  Aprajita- who all became IAS officers once they were able to clear the prelims and convert their first mains into a success story.

If you need further assistance you can Email us at  or call us at  9821711605.



Everything looking good till now. They have uploaded the workbook on the portal.

Also, collecting the addresses to provide us the hard copy of the workbook.

One of the best thing of this course is, I am able to utilize my 8-10PM.

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