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The Story of 16 Anna’s

Great write up@Patrick_jane . In two years I have learnt a lot thanks to this platform. I remember that electrifying email from neyawn which we used to get after the sfg tests. I had failed two times before at prelims and simply didn't know how to crack the exam. For the first time I realized that I had been fooling myself , I had not even read the basic books. Who was I lying too? Buying all test series from market vision insights gs score and what not.

But when the test happened in the first week, I realized that I had not even done laxmikant well. Who was I kidding. I was preparing for upsc for three years and yet I had not done previous years questions.

I remember this brief interaction with neyawn ( at that time i had not read his blogs ) I asked him why you are asking questions from book only, since upsc is asking question not from book.

He said look, this program is designed to be idiot proof. If I don't ask questions verbatim from the book the weak student who has not read the book will say - they don't ask question from book anyway so why study the book and go . At least students will say they copy paste from book but they will study the book at least. At that time I didn't understand but only after clearing prelims did I realize that I was the same weak student who was complaining of book based question.

This year after Mains I met him and said Sir, that book based approach worked for me as I also realized that I hadn't read the book in three years. What I studied in three months , I hadn't done in three years. He talked about SFG level 2, which will not just be from book but may have outside questions also (given that YOU GUYS HAVE ALREADY READ THE BOOK NOW )

Though I got interview call, but I feel I have lost enthu. Being away from delhi sucks. Badly wanna get back to delhi. Can't study at all here.

And sir ( I know your status, I am no knight dont call me sir) please write those mails again, even if there are some people who use bad language. As you say - spread your story, you never know who you may be inspiring. 

@TwoFace yes indeed, sfg maynot be 100% foolproof but it tests everyones water be it subject ,be it our discipline.but for most sfg has been played crucial role in their Preparation.

Regarding @Neyawn posts,those are antidotes for the chilling winter. posts ensures to cover substantial large packets of crowd with possible scenarios & dimensions.

I hope @Neyawn will come back with frequent posts to cheer up aspirants & ors will start contributing like the older times.

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its Ms Patrick. Unless she is Mrs Patrick.

@TwoFace @Phoenix46

Ha ha its neither Mr nor Ms nor Mrs.

Im still usingMaster😅(age is just number)

In the ocean of anonymity, determining Gender becomes tough.(most of the time our assumptions become wrong)

The classic example of @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh sir😄

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