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[Community Initiative] Thread for Posting Performance Sheet. (Reviving For SFG 2022)


@Patrick_jane A new thread plz............ for 2.0

@iskool one repository can make the work effectively (just my view🙂),also previous work motivates others and multiple threads are confusing. 


itna marks kaisa late aap?

  1. Practicing n revision
  2. This is my 3rd sfg in this year 
  3. Its polity(everytime u will see high scores in polity n mediocre in other subjects)


@IshitaSingh @tirupatihemanthkumar pls also mention ur mistaken topics

Plz make a new thread for sfg2

Rationale behind continuing with same thread

  • it becomes a good repository for longtime.
  • Creating u threads making confusion in forum.
  • Back then during discuss platform oldies used single thread so we will do it in old way.
  • The previous work motivates some to participate.

hello all.

how you all managing the time?

I mean how do you meet the daily target of SFG and simultaneously doing analysis of the test and then watching the video?

senior give some suggestion plz, My last 3-4 test scores have not gone above 40-45

Those who are able to manage well please reply how are you doing?

@Patrick_jane @Shree123 


Hello this is my 3rd sfg.

So im in prelims loop for the past 5 to 6 months. 

So im only reading once the syllabus n writing the sfg1 test then reading my mistakes n doing sfg2 test n reading my mistakes.

Atlast glancing entire syllabus again.

Regarding discussion video's rightnow im not watching it.(i assume polity is my strong area).

In total im clocking 8 to 10hrs a day.

I can suggest that after test make ur performance sheet.

Start for tomorrows test asap,complete it by max 2 stretches. (5 to 6hrs)

Write the sfg1 or 2 test.make note of ur mistkes(1hr).

And read those mistakes from ur source.(1hr)

Then watch todays test video.(keep 1.5x speed so that u can complete it by 2hrs)

So total 9 to 10hrs.

Ps: this a generalized plan,everyone device their own plan based on ur way of learning. 

I learn through my mistkes so im revising subject through testing and learning. 


What have you been doing for daily current affairs@Patrick_jane . Also what are you planning to do for current affairs revision (Just factly compilations or PT 365 also)

  1. Regarding daily im reading important articles of hindu + some days factly. 
  2. Dipin sir notes.
  3. Untill feb i have done vision will do it (pt 365 ones for polity,social issues)+ monthly envi n eco n culture (i using vision monthly for this till feb).Ir from dipin sir only.
  4. Now i will complete the pt 365 new magzines(which cover till may)
  5. From may i will shift to epic(it is well organized).

Hey@Patrick_jane , have you watched the MH  discussion videos? How're they? Is there any value addition? 

@TristanHarris Sry i haven't watched any of the discussion videos untill now. I'm gng to watch todays discussion video.

I will revert back after watching it. 


guys how you able to complete the daily syllabus ?

also how you remembering the personalities and  event name,In today's paper,I knew one-two things about the every event/question but it did not solve the question.


I haven't completed the total syllabus but went through my choke points in that syllabus. 

The retention thing in histry is a big problem, most of the time i study the background of a event how the person is linked.

Try to remember about main personalities and if u came across any new personality in the tests,note it down n read about them.

Ps:todays paper syllabus is huge for one day and have to be done throughly again bcoz evry year atleast 1 or 2 questions come from this area.



@Patrick_jane bro, all good?

@ssver2 ha ha yes everything going good.

Inactivity on thread is mainly due to mobile prblm.

Will be active from tomorrow. 

Thank you for asking🙂




W9 U1

1. Noconfidence: 50 members

2. Bactria/Parthia became independent from Syrian empire; not Persian

3. Mohenjodaro: cotton cloth 

4. Chalukyas: centralised, no village autonomy; navy

5. Mauryan governors: collection of taxes

6. Allahabad Pillar (not Mehrauli: chandra II): samudragupta

7. 1st copper use: chalco

8. sabha: select folks; samiti: all

9. Sangrihirti: later vedic taxation

1.  Madhuben/ Sonpat plate inscriptions: Harsha.

@ssver2 ha ha i have been victim of that50 members requirement for no confidence n adjournment motion.

I always revise parliament with major focus on motions n bills ka topics ko.

But i will make mistke in that 50 members requirement,bcoz ofjudges removal initiation also needs 100 lok or 50 raj sabh members. 

Ps:But now i have became more cautious n avoiding doing that mistakes .😅


Hello everyone,as SFG 2022 started, wanted to revive the thread again. 

Hope everyone will post their mistakes to keep track & consolidate their grey areas. 

@root can you help here. 

Can someone make a marks excel sheet for keeping track of our performance and gauge relative performance to others?  Like last time there was one. 

Here you go:


Ps: The cutoff formula is subjective


Please don't alter the google sheet, just enter your own scores. 

Someone altered the sheet twice. 

Uploading the sheet with yesterday's data


Please don't alter the google sheet, just enter your own scores. 

Someone altered the sheet twice. 

Uploading the sheet with yesterday's data

Use the new google sheet that has data till 630am 12th jan. 


@Patrick_jane What's Methadology for deciding cut off? 
Is it possible to do on raw data of each test to predict the cut off for test. Irrespective of cut off 70 decided by Forumias as benchmark of Top performance?

@Wings_Of_Fire cutoff formula for the sheet is =0.75*(ROUND(AVERAGE(LARGE(I5:I935,{1,2,3})),2))

The cutoff methodology of the sheet is subjective I used the above formula based on the assumption that UPSC selects 12.5 * vacancy to mains. 

So I used 75% of( top 3 candidates average ).

(I guess that was my thought back then) 

Actually the sheet was created 2 yrs back & have forgotten the rationality behind it. 

(I'm very bad at technical (even basic ) stuff) 🥲😅.